Keratosis Pilaris



Why do docs (sure, I understand I’m one among them) love to make use of such lengthy phrases to explain easy issues? The very best instance I can consider is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, which implies—look ahead to it—ice cream headache! However a detailed second is keratosis pilaris, which is the medical time period for… bumpy pores and skin. You understand the little tough, crimson patches you generally get on the again of your arms or entrance of your thighs? These are in all probability the signs of keratosis pilaris (additionally referred to as KP), a quite common, innocent pores and skin situation. Innocent, that’s, apart from the frustration of feeling like a lately plucked hen. And who desires to really feel that means? Beneath, you’ll discover just a little extra data about KP, and what you are able to do to get your pores and skin again to a easy, joyful, wholesome state. 

What’s keratosis pilaris?

As I mentioned, it’s simply bumpy pores and skin. However let’s study the medical description. Keratosis simply means an extra or progress of keratin, one of many proteins that makes up our pores and skin and hair. And any medical phrase with “pilo” in it’s associated to hair. (Piloerection is the medical phrase for goosebumps. I’m not making this up, folks.) So, keratosis pilaris is a buildup of keratin and useless pores and skin cells inside the hair follicles, inflicting them to bulge (therefore the bumpy texture), and infrequently inflicting them to get irritated and infected. KP normally happens on the backs of the arms, the fronts of the thighs, and generally on the buttocks. My idea is that these areas are the locations the place your clothes tends to rub forwards and backwards in your pores and skin essentially the most, and it stimulates dysfunctional keratin manufacturing within the hair follicles. However my idea on why it happens in these areas is as unproven because the few others on the market—we don’t have any precise information to clarify why it happens in some areas and never others. 

What causes keratosis pilaris?

There’s no single explanation for KP—it may be totally different in each case. For some sufferers, it might be a curly hair shaft that causes a keratin buildup. In some folks, it’s hereditary. There’s a rising suspicion that sure chemical compounds, akin to sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate or artificial perfume, are inflicting a low-level pores and skin irritation. Subsequent irregular keratin manufacturing and irritation can result in signs of KP. Lastly, some drugs used to deal with melanoma may cause KP.

Who will get keratosis pilaris?

Anybody can get it, however youngsters and adolescents have the next incidence of KP than adults: it’s extraordinarily frequent in folks below 50, and fewer frequent within the aged. KP is extra frequent in girls than males, and infrequently happens in folks with a historical past of bronchial asthma or eczema. There’s undoubtedly a genetic issue, as properly—if your loved ones members have KP, you’re extra prone to have it, too. Folks with very dry pores and skin are extra vulnerable to KP, and shaving or waxing can precipitate KP signs in some instances. So, there’s an affordable likelihood that you just might need KP someday in your life. However right here’s somee good information: KP is just not contagious! So don’t be afraid of your barely bumpy buddies. 

How can I make keratosis pilaris go away?

Many physicians will prescribe chemical exfoliants like lactic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and retinoic acid to deal with keratosis pilaris. Some will even prescribe steroids. However this physician (me, I imply) recommends some much less invasive steps first; these easy modifications could make your KP pack its baggage with out having to contain the prescription pad. 

  • Do away with ALL sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate in your hair care, your skincare, and your laundry detergent. Search for it in something that foams.
  • Remove artificial fragrances from all of these merchandise as properly.
  • Keep away from tremendous scorching showers or baths frequently—they contribute to dry pores and skin, which makes KP extra probably.
  • Attempt a humidifier in your bed room in case you stay in a dry local weather.
  • Exfoliate your pores and skin gently a couple of times per week. You are able to do this with a washcloth within the bathe, or use an exfoliating product made with salt or sugar. Keep in mind that it’s best to all the time use the gentlest stress when exfoliating pores and skin—it doesn’t take a lot to attain the specified impact, and over-exfoliating can create extra irritation 
  • Swap to an natural, hand-crafted bar cleaning soap. These bars retain glycerin, which helps draw moisture to your pores and skin all through the day. They’re not like the common, grocery retailer bar soaps, which may dry out the pores and skin. You’ll be able to attempt a cleaning soap with pumpkin or tomato for a pure dose of fruit acids and enzymes. 
  • Use a pure physique oil on drenched pores and skin simply out of the bathe day-after-day. You present the water by not drying off, and the physique oil seals in that moisture as you rub it in along with your palms. It incorporates fewer substances, which is all the time a plus when coping with irritated pores and skin.

Should you’ve tried all of these items, and nonetheless have signs, it might be time to speak to your dermatologist about prescription choices, and even laser remedy, which is beginning to present some promise in treating the situation. However, with constant consideration to the elements listed above and to an total wholesome way of life, most individuals discover that their signs enhance considerably, and their bumpy pores and skin is a factor of the previous. I’ve obtained a number of emails from prospects whose KP has resolved after switching to our cleaning soap and physique oil. The truth is, I get it on the backs of my arms a couple of times a yr, and our salt scrub and Night time Physique Oil maintain it inside per week! 

Transfer over, hen pores and skin. Make room for one thing smoother.



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