Is Curd Good for Weight Loss? Let’s Discover out



Curd, or dahi, is a mainstay in each Indian family, whether or not served with scorching scorching parathas or by itself after a meal. Are you able to even recall your mom forcing you to eat a mouthful of “curd” earlier than you ran out the door to take the life-changing board exams?

In India, consuming curd with one thing candy earlier than leaving the home is taken into account auspicious. This follow enhances vitality, calms the physique, and relieves stress. Additionally useful to digestion. 

It’s also well-known for being a vital, simply accessible dietary merchandise excessive in vitamins. Consequently, it gives quite a few well being benefits.

Nonetheless, many people nonetheless have to find out about one other unbelievable reality about curd. It’s, in reality, a weight-loss superfood! Sure, it helps keep our physique weight by eradicating extra kilos.

So, allow us to take a look at how curd may help you drop a few pounds. You’ll be able to select one of the best type of curd for one of the best results to make your weight reduction journey clean. 

Curd for Weight Loss – The Fundamentals

Recent milk is curdled to make curd and left to face at room temperature for no less than 4 hours.

Curd is well-known for its wonderful flavour and clean, creamy texture. Other than style and texture, it serves a goal within the human physique and might present quite a few well being advantages.

Together with curd in a low-calorie weight discount weight-reduction plan may help you lose extra physique fats and weight than a low-calorie weight-reduction plan with no protein or calcium.

As well as, it gives a flat abdomen by aiding sufferers in shedding cussed fats pockets across the stomach and waist areas.

Curd Advantages for Weight Loss

Beneath are the explanations for making curd a staple in your weight reduction weight-reduction plan:

Enhances Digestion

A wholesome metabolism is important for weight reduction. The correct digestion of meals prevents fats formation in your physique. Probiotics are like troopers who assist in the breakdown of meals particles.

Curd comprises probiotic micro organism that assist with digestion and nutrient absorption. One of many main causes of weight acquire is irregular waste disposal from our our bodies, which could be brought on by indigestion or an upset abdomen.

In keeping with a examine, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, the bacterium present in curd, is chargeable for shortening intestinal transit time. Consequently, it permits waste to get expelled extra rapidly. As well as, it alleviates upset stomachs and boosts digestion.

Calcium Wealthy 

The curd, like another dairy product, is excessive in calcium. A bowl of curd comprises a big quantity of calcium. It’s chargeable for wholesome bones. Furthermore, analysis reveals dietary calcium can also be crucial to guard you from gaining weight. 

Calcium performs a significant position in holding your BMI balanced. Consuming a cup of curd each day boosts the amount of calcium in your physique.

It reduces the discharge of cortisol, the “stress hormone” that encourages fats cells to construct extra fats round your stomach. Consequently, you keep your weight higher.

Protein Wealthy

Curd, in contrast to milk, is made by fermentation, which separates the milk solids from the liquid (often called whey). Consequently, it makes curd extra concentrated and better in protein than milk.

As a result of proteins are harder to digest, the excessive protein content material of curd is an element for the slower digestion fee. As well as, it reduces the will to devour extra as a result of it fills the abdomen for prolonged durations. 

In keeping with a examine, a high-protein weight-reduction plan naturally encourages you to devour fewer energy all through the day. So you’re feeling hungry much less usually and devour much less energy. The protein composition of curd gives adequate vitality to the physique. 

In keeping with one other analysis, a excessive protein weight-reduction plan helps you create lean muscle mass, which lets you burn extra energy and drop a few pounds.

Mineral Wealthy

Curd gives key minerals equivalent to calcium, potassium, and magnesium and Nutritional vitamins equivalent to Vit B 12 and B 2. All of those vitamins support within the physique’s total growth and development.

Consequently, blood strain is healthier managed. Furthermore, minerals equivalent to potassium and magnesium make it simpler for surplus water within the cells to exit and swiftly attain the bladder. 

Magnesium is important for insulin perform, particularly in fats and chubby individuals. It impacts how effectively glucose will get saved within the physique as vitality. In the event you hold your magnesium ranges underneath management, you shouldn’t have to fret about stomach fats.


Concerning weight reduction, together with milk in your weight-reduction plan would profit your low-fat dietary habits. However, the presence of lactose in milk makes it tough to incorporate it within the weight-reduction plan of a lactose-sensitive particular person.

Curd, then again, is ready by fermenting milk with micro organism known as Lactobacillus bulgaricus. It converts the lactose in milk into lactic acid, making it appropriate for lactose-intolerant individuals.

The HealthifyMe Be aware

Curd, also called dahi in Indian households, is a staple:

  • It’s a highly effective fats burner with a variety of calcium. Consequently, it helps hold your BMI in steadiness.
  • Curd comprises probiotics, which regulate the digestive tract and improve metabolism. Consequently, it improves the burden loss course of.
  • Curd’s protein content material retains you full for an prolonged interval, stopping irregular urge for food. A bowl of curd is all the time a wonderful selection as a part of a nutritious weight-reduction plan.
  • It helps to enhance common well-being.

Select the Proper Kind of Curd?

Trying across the market, you discover quite a few forms of this straightforward meals merchandise. So, which ones can help you in shedding extra physique weight? Additionally, have you learnt what sort of curd to eat to amass a slim, trim determine? 

The next are the tips:

  • Greek yoghurt is the best choice for weight reduction. It has solely 90 energy and little or no sugar, making it extremely nutritious on your physique and very useful for shedding weight. Other than Greek yoghurt, curd varieties have not more than 130 energy or 1 gram of fats per serving. These are additionally wonderful for controlling your physique weight.
  • Select with warning the low-calorie, low-fat curd varieties obtainable in the marketplace . They seem like the more healthy choice. Nonetheless, are laden with sugar and synthetic sweeteners. Some could even comprise corn syrup, which is unsuitable for weight reduction attributable to its excessive fructose content material.
  • Whereas centered on energy, bear in mind to test the protein contents of curds. A low-calorie curd will need to have no less than 12 to fifteen grams of protein to maintain you glad for an prolonged time.
  • Home made low-fat curd ready from cow’s milk quite than buffalo’s milk can also be very healthful and useful for weight reduction.
  • In the event you get pleasure from fruit-flavoured curds, choose fruits which are low in energy.
  • Curd’s calcium and vitamin D ranges may fluctuate considerably between manufacturers. It primarily is dependent upon the processing, so test the label earlier than buying.

Methods to Embody Curd in Your Weight Loss Weight loss program

This delicacy could be loved in numerous methods relying in your preferences. Listed below are some wholesome methods to include curd:

Plain Curd

By the day, a medium bowl of plain curd could be consumed with the meal or as a snack. It’s also possible to add  a sprinkle of cinnamon on prime for a yummy curd snack!

Mix it with Your In a single day Oats

In the event you get pleasure from oatmeal for breakfast, strive in a single day oats with yoghurt as an alternative. Merely mix your most well-liked quantity of oats with a cup of curd at evening and revel in within the morning along with your fruit OR half a fistful of blended nuts and even 1 tbsp of path combine as toppings..

It could possibly be a extra nutritious various to a typical breakfast. Prime a cup of curd with 1-2 tbsp of entire grain granola or a medium sized seasonal fruit for breakfast or lunch.

Make a Nutritious Dip

Put together a wholesome dip utilizing curd, mint, coriander, or different elements, or substitute mayonnaise with low-fat curd as wanted.

Make Some Froyo

Mix some fruits with yoghurt and sweeten with 1 tsp of honey or jaggery if desired.

After a number of hours within the fridge, you’ll be able to have a pleasant frozen yoghurt. It’s a guilt-free, nutritious, do-it-yourself, low-calorie various to ice cream.

Chhach or Chaas, As Nicely As Lassi

Each Indian house has a “go-to” beverage. A glass after a meal or as an alternative of a snack may help you keep away from consuming junk meals.

Mix it Into Your Smoothie Bowl

Make a smoothie along with your favorite fruits and substitute the milk with creamy curd. This leads to a a lot richer and extra satisfying smoothie.

When is The Best Time to Devour Curd for Weight Loss?

One ought to devour curd no less than thrice a day. Nonetheless, it could assist should you ate curd any time of day and with any meal, so think about together with it in your morning or lunch.

Consuming curd through the day will make it easier to really feel glad longer and cut back junk meals consumption, which may help you higher handle physique weight. It’s a flexible product that has extra profit than hurt to the physique..

Curd is a wholesome and nutritious meals that may make it easier to drop a few pounds. Think about together with this in your weight-reduction plan to help you in reaching your objectives.

Nonetheless, take into account that one meals solely works for some. Consequently, it’s best to seek the advice of with a nutritionist. To accumulate a personalized weight reduction technique on your well being objectives, you’ll be able to seek the advice of an expert nutritionist at HealthifyMe.

Different Advantages of Consuming Curd

This easy meals merchandise curd is filled with a number of vitamins and helps improve your physique’s well being advantages. 

It Improves Immunity.

Curd comprises various vitamins, together with probiotics, minerals, and nutritional vitamins. These vitamins are in control of enhancing immunity. As well as, curd comprises wholesome micro organism, usually often called probiotics, which assist strengthen your immune system and enhance your well being.

Probiotics, like microbes, assist the physique combat viral and bacterial sicknesses and hold you wholesome. Thus, elevated immunity helps the physique combat in opposition to the widespread chilly, flu, and different infections. Magnesium, selenium, vitamin D, and zinc are the first minerals that assist improve immunity.

Improves Bone and Enamel Well being

Have you learnt why curd is the best choice for enhancing bone and tooth well being? It comprises calcium and phosphorus. Calcium is important for our bones and enamel, and curd is a superb supply of calcium and enamel. 

In keeping with one examine, consuming curd on a regular basis meets your each day calcium requirement to a big extent enhancing bone power. Consequently, it lowers your danger of creating arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth decay, weakened gums, and so on.

Reduces Blood Sugar Ranges

Curd is plentiful in protein and might discover linkages to decrease blood sugar ranges. Many research counsel curd may help cut back insulin resistance and blood glucose ranges.

Consequently, it aids in stopping coronary heart illness and diabetes. Moreover, the  Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) of curd helps decrease blood sugar ranges.

Helpful to Vaginal Well being

Curd is without doubt one of the few meals which are useful to vaginal well being. Additionally, curd can probably keep pH ranges by balancing acid ranges within the physique.

In keeping with analysis, a traditional pH degree retains the vagina wholesome and prevents issues equivalent to irritation and vaginal burning.


Curd is a superfood that will increase the dietary worth of your meal whereas additionally enhancing the general flavour of dishes. As a very good supply of calcium, protein, and probiotics, it has been praised as a instrument for weight reduction and will enhance your well being when consumed each day.

This easy house meals is a treasure trove of a number of benefits influencing coronary heart well being, immunity, digestion, bone well being, pores and skin and hair well being, sugar ranges, weight, and extra. Nonetheless, select your yoghurt with warning. Go for plain, unsweetened varieties with probiotics for optimum well being benefits.

Often Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. How a lot curd is sweet for weight reduction?

A. A cup or two of curd a day will increase calcium ranges within the physique, which inhibits cortisol launch and aids in weight reduction. Moreover, curd preserves one-third of lean muscle mass, permitting you to take care of your determine after shedding weight for longer.

Q. Does curd cut back stomach fats?

A. Curd is excessive in protein and low in carbohydrates, making it a wonderful weight-loss weight-reduction plan. Furthermore, while you lose extra stomach fats, the protein in it helps you retain lean muscle mass.

Q. What occurs should you eat curd each day?

A. Consuming curd each day helps to decrease levels of cholesterol, decreasing the danger of hypertension and hypertension and sustaining a wholesome weight and coronary heart.

Q. Can I eat curd at evening for weight reduction?

A. This can be a matter of your well being. If you’re not liable to colds, sinus infections and different chilly associated well being points, sure, you’ll be able to have a medium sized bowl of curds at evening.

Q. What’s the greatest time for consuming curd?

A. One can eat curd at any time, whether or not for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Nonetheless, it could assist should you didn’t eat curd at evening in case you’re feeling bloated or tend to catch a chilly. Alternatively, individuals who shouldn’t have a chilly or a cough can eat curd anytime or at evening.

Q. Which is healthier for weight reduction, curd or milk?

A. Milk and curd have equal calorie counts. Curd nevertheless, comprises probiotics, which  provides useful micro organism to the digestive tract. A wholesome intestine is immediately proportional to good digestion and thus total well being. Consequently, curd could have a bonus over milk relating to higher weight administration.

Q. What are the disadvantages of consuming curd?

A. Extra curd (made out of entire milk and never low-fat/ skimmed or toned milk) consumption could lead to weight acquire quite than weight reduction. It’s a typical curd facet impact. When consumed over the advisable quantity, it could worsen constipation quite than strengthen your digestive tract. 

Q. Does curd take away gasoline?

A. Hydrochloric acid produces acidity when the curd will get consumed on an empty abdomen. It kills the useful lactobacillus micro organism and creates abdomen issues.

Q. Who ought to keep away from consuming curd?

A. You should be conscious of how a lot curd you devour every day. It is best to keep away from overeating curd if in case you have a weak digestive system. It has the potential to trigger constipation. Curd shouldn’t be consumed each day by individuals who have arthritis. Curd is a bitter dish, and bitter meals hyperlink to elevated joint ache. Lactose-intolerant people could digest curd however not milk. Nonetheless, you must restrict your curd consumption to 1 or 2 medium sized katoris a day..

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