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Cashew for Weight Loss – A Easy Information


Staying in form is a gradual course of! Whereas attempting to drop some pounds, every step you are taking is essential. Consuming the right meals in the best quantities is the important thing. So it’s, whether or not you need to drop some pounds or preserve your weight at a wholesome degree.

For instance, nuts are usually off the menu when on a food regimen to drop some pounds. However, after all, that could be a false impression that they include fat that set off weight achieve. 

Analysis signifies that almost all of the fat in nuts are wholesome fat. Subsequently you need to devour them as a result of they don’t contribute to weight achieve. As a substitute, they will help you in shedding pounds.

Cashew, like the vast majority of nuts, might profit your basic well being. For instance, they get related to coronary heart well being. In addition they promote higher blood sugar regulation and weight reduction.

Cashews may also be a wholesome a part of a diabetes-friendly food regimen. Nevertheless, it’s important to decide on minimally processed nuts. As well as, please monitor portion sizes to assist handle blood sugar ranges and preserve a wholesome weight.

This text explores the connection between cashew and weight reduction, its advantages and way more. 

Cashew – An Overview

Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) is a favorite snack worldwide attributable to its versatility and scrumptious style. Cashew, also called Kaju, is the spine of many Indian recipes.

We eat cashew nuts as a snack or make sweets with them. We additionally garnish conventional meals like pulao, kheer and halwa with cashew. Cashew nuts are additionally out there in several flavours. They’re roasted or fried or dipped in caramel or syrups. These work as each savoury and candy snack choices. 

Cashew is a dietary powerhouse. Together with a big quantity of cashews in your food regimen can give you a spread of well being benefits. Nutritional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, and different vitamins are plentiful in cashew nuts. In consequence, these nuts can encourage weight reduction whereas bettering different well being elements. Nevertheless, you need to have it in its purest type for weight reduction. 

Dietary Worth of Cashew

Wholesome fat and dietary fibre are two elements of cashew nuts which might be good in your long-term well being. As well as, it assists in weight reduction when taken moderately. 

In accordance with USDA, 100 grams of cashews include the next vitamins. Please be aware that these are uncooked cashews. They’ve undergone a heating course of. Such a course of removes the kernel from the shell. Nevertheless, the parameters change when the cashew variant has components.

Vitality Carbohydrates Protein Fats Fibre Phosphorus Zinc Calcium Magnesium Potassium Folate Vitamin Ok Selenium
553 kcal 30.2g 18.2g 43.8g 3.3g 660mg 5.78mg 37 mg 292mg 593mg 25 µg 34.1 µg 19.9 µg

HealthifyMe TIP

Please do not forget that processed cashews, comparable to roasted or salted, might add dangerous components. For instance, processed cashews have added salt, sugar, or oil. As well as, it may possibly enhance their calorie and carbohydrate content material.

It’s good to decide on uncooked or unsalted nuts every time doable. These nuts are much less processed. Subsequently, they’re more likely to have a decrease affect on blood sugar ranges. It is usually important to portion cashews very rigorously. Additionally, they’re excessive in energy and might contribute to weight achieve if eaten in giant quantities.

Is Cashew Good for Weight Loss?

Analysis on cashew nuts for weight reduction suggests cashews are filled with protein, vitamin Ok, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, selenium, copper, and fibre. All of those vitamins are helpful to our physique’s means to perform. When used within the correct quantities, it additionally promotes weight reduction.

Unsaturated fat present in cashews cut back the incidence of varied coronary heart situations and early mortality. They’re additionally low in sugar and a superb supply of protein and fibre. Nevertheless, contemplate the variety of cashews you embrace in your weight discount food regimen, as consuming moderately is all the time good.

Magnesium assists your physique’s mechanisms for regulating carbohydrates and fats, which makes it essential for weight reduction. As well as, cashews are an extremely high-protein nut. Since protein and magnesium assist enhance metabolism and reduce urge for food, they’re each advantageous for weight reduction. 

Cashews are a superb supply of vitamins that assist the immune system, vitality ranges, mind well being, and bone well being. Skilled nutritionists counsel consuming 4-5 cashew nuts each day for extra important weight reduction. 

Advantages of Cashew Good for Weight Loss

Promotes Satiety

Cashew nuts have a excessive satiety degree, which prevents binge consuming in the course of the day. As well as, as a result of cashew nuts are excessive in protein, they help in protecting the abdomen happy for longer.

Aids Digestion

Cashews’ excessive fibre content material makes it simpler for meals to get digested. Subsequently, please embrace them within the dishes.

Gives Wholesome Fat

Omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a sort of healthful fats present in cashew nuts, offers the physique the vitality it wants for bodily exercise.

Improves Metabolism

The nuts’ abundance of significant nutritional vitamins and minerals accelerates the physique’s metabolism.

The HealthifyMe Be aware: 

It’s no secret that nuts may also help individuals drop some pounds, and cashew nuts are not any exception. Common cashew consumption may also help with weight reduction and even speed up it. It’s as a result of cashews include Omega-3 fatty acids, which assist velocity up metabolism. 

What Does Analysis Say?

In-vivo analysis has proven that cashew nut extract can decrease blood sugar ranges in wholesome and diabetic rats. As well as, it signifies that it possesses anti-diabetic traits.

One other current research additional helps the effectiveness of cashew nuts (Anacardium occidentale) as an anti-diabetic. The findings counsel that one can use cashew nuts as a purposeful meals for diabetes therapy.

In accordance with analysis, sort 2 diabetes will get related to exterior and inside magnesium insufficiency. Moreover, sufferers with this sort of diabetes typically have an underlying, long-term magnesium scarcity. It is not uncommon amongst these particularly with an uncontrolled glycemic profile.

In consequence, magnesium is especially advantageous for these in danger as a result of it may possibly assist decrease blood sugar ranges and improve basic well being.

Vitamin B6 can cut back blood sugar in diabetics, in line with analysis. Subsequently, incorporating cashew nuts right into a wholesome weight-loss-friendly food regimen may also help these vulnerable to diabetes preserve their blood sugar. 


It’s all the time helpful to debate your food regimen along with your healthcare knowledgeable. You could preserve your blood sugar beneath management when you’ve got diabetes. Cashews have a number of well being benefits. Nevertheless, controlling your consumption is essential. 

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Customers of HealthifyPro 2.0 can monitor their blood sugar ranges as wanted all through the day attributable to a steady glucose metre. The CGM screens any spike in blood sugar introduced on by totally different meals and gives extra exact knowledge than conventional processes.

Often Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. What number of cashews are good for weight reduction?

A. Cashew nuts’ fats content material causes the nice ldl cholesterol (HDL) to rise and the unhealthy ldl cholesterol to fall. However, alternatively, Kaju gives you numerous vitality and retains you full for a very long time. So, for good weight administration, you’ll be able to have 3–4 cashew nuts each day.

Q. Do cashews make you lose or achieve weight?

A. Fibre, protein and healthful fat are all plentiful in cashews. In addition they include varied nutritional vitamins, minerals, and different plant chemical compounds. All are good in your well being. Cashews assist with blood sugar regulation, coronary heart well being, and weight reduction. Nevertheless, cashews may also trigger weight achieve if consumed in larger portions.

Q. Which nut is one of the best for weight reduction?

A. Nuts can enhance weight reduction if consumed in really helpful quantities. One of the best nuts for weight reduction embrace almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, and brazil nuts.

Q. Which is best, almond or cashew?

A. Cashews present vitamin Ok and zinc, however almonds embrace a big quantity of fibre, vitamin E and calcium. Subsequently, almonds are a more sensible choice for weight reduction. 

Q. What occurs if we eat cashews each day?

A. People who devour a small variety of cashews each day have a lower in LDL “unhealthy” ldl cholesterol. Attributable to their excessive magnesium focus, cashews help within the prevention of coronary heart illness along with lowering LDL levels of cholesterol. Attributable to its excessive nutrient content material, it enhances basic well being.

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