Coty information worldwide patent on perfume refill station for easy, in-store refilling



Writing in its worldwide patent​, Coty mentioned it had developed a refilling platform designed to be located in-store and used straight by customers. The machine featured a switch system with a number of channels to combine preselected quantities of perfume focus, distilled water and ethanol, in that particular order.

Ethanol twin energy

“It has surprisingly been discovered that refilling a perfume container with a perfume focus, distilled water and ethanol, in that order, supplies a perfume to a consumer having the identical organoleptic properties as the unique perfume,”​ Coty wrote in its patent.

The particular order additionally served a further helpful function, the corporate mentioned.

“Refilling with ethanol final serves a twin perform of including an ingredient to the refillable container and cleansing the elements to which the substances of perfume focus, distilled water and ethanol had been uncovered.”

Coty mentioned the refilling platform may very well be used for a “plurality of perfume concentrates”, ​allotted at concentrations of as much as 20% w/w. It was additionally appropriate for a spread of refillable bottles, together with clear and/or opaque, that may very well be weighed by the machine forward of filling. In some embodiments, the refilling station may additionally embody a mixer, reminiscent of a vortex, magnetic stir or vibration mixer to mix the ultimate perfume system.

A ‘easy consumer interface’

Importantly, the corporate mentioned the station provided a “easy consumer interface with out complicated manipulations”. ​The interface, straight linked to the management laptop, may very well be touch-screen, used through a keyboard and mouse and even accessed via private communication gadgets through Bluetooth or WiFi, reminiscent of smartphones, private computer systems, tablets or private digital assistants, it mentioned.



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