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Is Muesli Good for Weight Loss? – Let’s Discover Out


Muesli is a  ready-to-eat or chilly breakfast cereal. It accommodates a wholesome proportion of entire grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. You may eat muesli like basic cereal with milk, eat it sizzling like oatmeal, or grind it up as a flour base for pancakes. Therefore, muesli is a breakfast staple as a consequence of its countless versatility. 

There is no such thing as a doubt that breakfast is a crucial meal in a weight reduction weight loss plan. It helps kick-start your metabolism and fuels your physique all through the day. However is consuming muesli for breakfast or muesli typically a superb possibility for weight reduction? Allow us to have a look.

What’s Muesli?

Muesli is a wholesome, low-sugar various to granola. It initially consisted of uncooked oats, grated apples, chopped nuts blended with water, lemon juice, and sweetened condensed milk.

In the present day, muesli extra usually refers to a mixture of rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. As a result of you don’t want to bake muesli, no oil is required to bind the substances collectively.

Each granola and muesli have related substances. Nevertheless, granola undergoes baking till it turns into crunchy, whereas muesli is stored uncooked.

The primary distinction between the 2 is that granola makes use of pure sweeteners, similar to syrup, honey or jaggery, alongside dried fruits. Then again, the sweetness of muesli comes from solely dried fruits.

Muesli typically has fewer energy than granola, however each include some type of sugar. Subsequently, you’ll want to eat average quantities. 

Dietary Profile of Totally different Varieties of Muesli

The dietary content material of muesli varies relying on the way you put together it and its substances. Some muesli manufacturers include gluten-free grains, whereas some recreate granola-style chunky texture with further substances.

Some individuals toast the grains, nuts, and seeds to convey out their flavours. Nonetheless, a superb mixture of crunchy nuts and seeds with chewy fruits and grains nonetheless presents a dietary increase. 

In line with USDA, 100 grams of toasted muesli containing entire grain rolled barley flakes (56%), entire grain rolled oats (15%), and maple syrup (6%) has the next vitamins:

Nutrient Quantity
Energy 375 kcal
Protein 10.94 g
Carbohydrates 48.44 g
Fibre 25 g
Fats 12.5 g
Calcium 38 mg
Iron 2.66 mg
Potassium 330 mg

In line with USDA, 100 grams of toasted oats muesli with natural raisins, wheat flakes, dried dates, cranberries, and almonds has the next vitamins:

Nutrient Amount
Energy 382 kcal
Protein 10.91 g
Carbohydrates 69 g
Fibre 7.3 g
Fats 8.18 g
Calcium 36 mg
Iron 3.27 mg

A bowl or customary serving of muesli, relying on the model and the combination of substances, accommodates:

Nutrient Quantity
Energy 250-280 Kcal
Protein 6-8 g
Carbohydrates 40-60 g
Fibre 7-8 g

Muesli Advantages for Weight Loss

Muesli might be useful for a weight reduction weight loss plan as a result of following causes:

Packed With Entire Grains 

Muesli accommodates a mix of weight-loss-friendly entire grains, similar to rolled oats. A research says that meals wealthy in entire grains nourish the intestine microbiota. It, in flip, promotes weight reduction or higher weight administration.

Nutritionists additionally extremely advocate entire grain-rich meals as an important a part of wholesome consuming. 

Reduces Diabetes Danger 

Folks with diabetes are extra liable to weight problems or being obese than these with out it. It may be as a consequence of insulin resistance, excessive glucose ranges, or urge for food adjustments. Subsequently, stopping or managing diabetes is important for weight reduction. 

Excessive-fibre breakfast cereals can be protecting in opposition to the chance of growing diabetes. A research reveals that muesli consumption reduces diabetes threat. Muesli consumption by itself or as part of oats-based cereal can considerably decrease the percentages of growing sort 2 diabetes.

Muesli with unsweetened almond milk accommodates excessive fibre, protein, and mineral content material. In consequence, it helps to take care of the blood sugar stage and improve insulin sensitivity. These two advantages of muesli may help stop diabetes-related weight achieve.

Promotes Satiety

Muesli has fibre, protein, wholesome fat, and sophisticated carbohydrates. Subsequently, it has a excessive satiety quotient. Whereas the quantity of fibre and protein in muesli varies from model to model, you’ll be able to nonetheless get a ample quantity to fill you up. 

A ½ cup of generic muesli supplies over 4 grams of protein. It meets 9% and seven% of the really helpful dietary allowance of protein for ladies and men, respectively.

Analysis reveals {that a} high-protein weight loss plan induces weight reduction whereas preserving fat-free mass. This weight-loss mechanism of protein works in each low-calorie and standard-calorie diets.

One other notable issue is the high-fibre nature of muesli. One-half cup of generic muesli has 3-4 grams of fibre. It meets 12% and eight% of the really helpful dietary allowance of fibre for ladies and men, respectively.

Fibre, particularly soluble fibre, bodily fills your abdomen. It slows down the speed at which meals leaves your abdomen. In consequence, you’ll not must snack between meals. In line with a research, dietary fibre consumption promotes weight reduction, impartial of caloric and different macronutrient intakes. 

The HealthifyMe Word

Muesli is a mix of entire grains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds that may be part of a weight-loss weight loss plan. Its complicated carbs, fibre, protein and wholesome fat help weight reduction by creating a sense of fullness. Nevertheless, watch out of the portion dimension to restrict energy. You may also modify the muesli composition and portion dimension in response to your wants. Choosing sugar-free muesli shall be a greater possibility for weight reduction diets and particularly for individuals with diabetes. 

Easy methods to Eat Muesli for Weight Loss?

Serve muesli with a better protein, low-fat, and low-calorie milk. You need to use unsweetened hemp, almond, or oat milk. With sweetened milk, look ahead to sugar, as it could actually simply add up. Additional, search for unprocessed variations of nondairy milk when making muesli-porridge for breakfast. 

A research reveals that unprocessed or minimally processed muesli from indigenous crops has higher dietary high quality. Nevertheless, it’s higher to eat do-it-yourself muesli for weight reduction. Making muesli at dwelling means that you can customise the substances and preserve the sugar content material to a minimal. 

The overall components for making ready muesli is as follows:

Muesli components: 4 cups grains + 1½ cups nuts and seeds + ½ cup dried fruit

Listed here are some recommended substances when making muesli for weight reduction:

  • Grains: Rolled oats, wheat bran, entire barley, rye, quinoa flakes, millet puffs, sorghum, or millet flakes.
  • Nuts: Sliced almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, hazelnuts
  • Seeds: Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds
  • Dried fruit: Dried cherries, dried figs, dried apricots, raisins, golden raisins, currants, unsweetened coconut flakes, apple chips

You may also discuss to a nutritionist at HealthifyMe to get real-time personalised weight loss plan and meal prep recommendation. For instance, Professional Coaches may help you discover the best components for muesli, which works in your weight reduction objectives and calorie wants.

You may also obtain weight loss plan and life-style ideas based mostly in your metabolic well being, BMI, diabetes threat, and different underlying situations.


Muesli is commonly a more healthy breakfast alternative than different packaged cereals. It’s decrease in refined sugar and better in protein and fibre. Though muesli does include some pure sugar from dried fruit, it additionally has loads of useful minerals and wholesome fat.

As well as, the nuts, seeds, and entire grains assist promote satiety and preserve you feeling full for longer. It might stop unhealthy snacking and result in higher weight administration. Nevertheless, do not forget that energy nonetheless depend when attempting to reduce weight. Subsequently, be aware of how a lot muesli you eat. 

Often Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. When ought to I eat muesli for weight reduction?

A. One of the best time to eat muesli is within the morning and at midday. The proportionate quantity of protein, carbohydrates, and fibre in mueslis is the most effective breakfast for weight reduction. It retains you full for longer and helps keep away from any pointless snacking. You may also make your lunch further filling by including a bowl of muesli. 

Q. Is muesli higher than oats for weight reduction?

A. Each oats and muesli are wholesome and nutrient-dense. Nevertheless, oats are a more sensible choice because it doesn’t have further substances. It’s also a more sensible choice for diabetes sufferers on a weight-loss weight loss plan. Nevertheless, muesli has a better protein content material as a result of further elements like nuts and seeds. So, if extra protein is your focus, select muesli.  

Q. Is muesli wholesome or fattening?

A. Muesli, in average quantities, is a wholesome and nutrient-dense meals. In comparison with different sugary breakfast cereals, muesli isn’t fattening. Nevertheless, roasting the nuts and grains in oil or including sweeteners could make muesli fattening. So, it’s higher to decide on sugar-free muesli. 

Q. Is it OK to eat muesli every single day?

A. Sure, you’ll be able to eat muesli every single day. Nevertheless, shouldn’t have greater than half a cup in the event you eat muesli day by day. Extra muesli may cause digestive misery and weight achieve, primarily if it accommodates added sweeteners and oil-toasted nuts. Additionally, be certain that to purchase sugar-free or low-sugar muesli manufacturers. 

Q. Can we eat muesli with milk for weight reduction?

A. Sure, muesli with milk is an effective breakfast for weight reduction. You may soak muesli in a single day in milk and revel in a refreshing breakfast the following day. Or put together a muesli porridge with heat milk and fresh-cut fruits as toppings. For higher weight reduction advantages, use low-calorie milk or plant-based milk. 

Q. Is muesli stuffed with sugar?

A. The sugar content material of muesli depends upon the substances or the model you purchase. You should purchase sugar-free muesli. Or customise the sugar content material as per your liking with do-it-yourself muesli. In contrast to many different processed sorts of cereal, muesli presents better-for-you substances. Nevertheless, attempt to keep away from mueslis with extreme quantities of dried fruits. 

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