What’s Kundalini Awakening? (Signs and Harmful)



Kundalini is a type of cosmic female vitality mentioned to reside on the base of the backbone, the placement of the Muladhara or root chakra. It’s additionally known as “Kundalini Shakti” when occurred in its dormant state.

In case your kundalini is woke up, you’ll expertise miraculous occasions that you wouldn’t think about are potential. On kundalini awakening, your higher intelligence is aroused from a dormant state and also you develop into capable of give beginning to a brand new vary of creativity. Your physique and the whole lot reply in a very totally different manner as a wholly new aspect of vitality is unleashed.

Right here’s what it’s worthwhile to find out about Kundalini awakening.

What’s Kundalini?

Kundalini, which accurately means “coiled snake” in Sanskrit, is the identify of a sleeping dormant potential vitality within the human physique, located on the root of the spinal column.

Kundalini is a kind of religious vitality that all of us have. Its nature is such that you simply don’t even understand it’s there when it’s nonetheless, in its dormant state. Solely when it strikes will you understand how highly effective vitality it’s.

Kundalini Yoga is an historical technique that may make it easier to harness this highly effective kundalini shakti. The apply strives to “uncoil the serpent” and reconnect us to our divine essence.

What occurs on kundalini awakening?

kundalini shakti awakening
Blossomed kundalini shakti woke up on the base of backbone. Picture Supply: Shutterstock

On kundalini awakening, a surge of religious vitality enters into sushumna nadi and strikes from the bottom of the backbone up by way of the chakras in the direction of the highest of the top—the crown chakra. Kundalini awakening causes experiencer to remodel on the psychological, emotional, and religious ranges.

Sensation of ‘kundalini’ vitality shifting is commonly skilled into chakra factors however the results are seen on the entire physique. This vitality is so sturdy and highly effective that the physique begins trembling and the individual loses management over the physique for a while. Some bodily sensations or emotions might embrace heat, tingling, itching, prickling, crying, tongue uttering random issues.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati, one in every of a well-known yoga guru of Swami Sivananda lineage, writes about this expertise of Kundalini Awakening in his guide “Kundalini Tantra” this fashion;

Out of the blue I felt as if the earth was slipping from below me and the sky was increasing and receding. A second later I skilled a horrible drive springing from the bottom of my physique like an atomic explosion. I felt that I used to be vibrating very quick, the sunshine currents have been terrific. I skilled the supreme bliss, just like the climax of a person’s need, and it continued for a very long time. My entire physique was contracting till the sensation of delight turned fairly insufferable and I misplaced full consciousness of my physique.

Kundaliini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Kundalini awakening opens silent centres of the mind that are dormant due to lack of vitality. When kundalini passes by way of numerous chakras on its solution to the highest of the top, by way of chakras activation, totally different centres of the mind get opened. Chakras are like unique switches made for various centres of the mind which will get activated solely by the electrical impulses of kundalini shakti.

Indicators of kundalini awakening

kundalini awakening symptoms
Kundalini begins illuminating at backbone base in relation to awakening. Picture Supply: Shutterstock

As mentioned earlier, kundalini awakening brings an incredible surge of vitality in our physique and mind that our nervous system is unable to deal with. When this occurs, folks expertise totally different ranges of bodily, emotional or psychological signs. For some folks, the kundalini awakening expertise is sluggish and regular, it could occur spontaneously for a number of minutes. Whereas for others it’s intense and quick, lasting just for just a few seconds.

A number of people who’ve had their Kundalini unintentionally woke up do not know what’s happening. It’s not at all times simple to inform whether or not our Kundalini vitality is rising or if we’re having one other kind of religious expertise. A religious awakening will be characterised as a Kundalini awakening, nevertheless religious awakenings aren’t normally related to Kundalini.

In the event you’re undecided what you’re feeling, the best factor you are able to do is search recommendation from a religious instructor or information.

Some bodily indicators of kundalini awakening embrace (however not restricted to) tremors, involuntary motion, and multisensory hallucinations, resembling listening to birds chirping or human voices, and so forth. Some practitioners make animal noises or repeat mantras on the spur of the second. 

Kundalini awakening is unpredictable. It progresses at its personal fee, producing numerous signs alongside the method. A few of the notable indicators are:

  • Sense of freedom – from ego and worldly charms
  • Elevated intuitional consciousness
  • A robust sense of obligation and future
  • Want to make modifications in a single’s life
  • A sensation of Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, stinging, or crawling
  • Feeling intense warmth or chilly
  • A way of deep reference to the divine
  • Your physique might shake, really feel the warmth within the backbone, and have points with sleep as blocked chakras hinder the Kundalini vitality to move 
  • You’re euphoric in the intervening time and have a profound sense of peace.
  • You might expertise pleasurable bodily sensations, just like a full-body orgasm, however far more soulful than sexual.
  • Your creativeness improves
  • A significantly improved sense of empathy
  • You’ve gained profound new insights into your life or previous lives.
  • Your thoughts is considerably calmer, with the flexibility to focus on one thought at a time.
  • You’ve got let go of the twin nature of the thoughts and might see that we generate our reality willfully.
  • Adoption of yoga poses or mudras on the spur of the second, though the expertise has by no means finished so earlier than.
  • Emotions of maximum chilly or warmth, however with out sweating.
  • Loud noises that solely the experiencer can hear.
  • Talking in languages or making different uncontrollable vocalization resembling laughing or hiccoughs,
  • Extrasensory notion, out-of-body experiences, astral journey, contact with spirit guides by way of inside voices, goals, or visions
  • Direct consciousness of auras and chakras
  • Extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, extreme fatigue
  • Complications, pressures inside the cranium
  • Pains within the chest and a racing coronary heart
  • Numbness, ache, or blockages within the limbs or all through the physique
  • Swift temper swings with unprompted or excessive bouts of grief, concern, rage, or melancholy

What occurs after the kundalini woke up?

When the kundalini rises, it travels by way of the decrease chakras till it reaches the Anahata, or coronary heart chakra, the place it stays. The seeker’s thoughts is drawn away from the three lowest chakras at that second. The primary sight of religious consciousness happens when the thoughts dwells there. There may be mild all over the place.

When the kundalini rises additional and reaches the Vishuddha or throat, you solely need to speak and pay attention concerning the divine. You don’t take pleasure in speaking concerning the materials or bodily realm. After reaching the Ajna or the third eye, though there are remnants of ego, you’re nonetheless capable of search absolutely the reality and expertise bliss.

The reference to the divine occurs when the kundalini vitality reaches the Sahasrara or the crown. The person and supreme soul develop into one. 

The seeker enters the Samadhi state for some time. His consciousness of his human physique and limits fades. He loses his understanding of the surface world. He’s not conscious of the duality.

Shifting by way of the chakras, one may expertise the next after kundalini awakening:

  • Your unconscious ideas shall be introduced ahead as acutely aware ideas when the vitality flows up your backbone. All of your forgotten or ignored ideas and feelings shall be seen.
  • Kundalini awakening will allow you to know issues from a brand new perspective. One thing might start to pique your curiosity or excite you.
  • You begin associating glad emotions with the whole lot in your atmosphere.
  • You will note a change in your habits in the direction of the whole lot round you. A way of compassion, kindness, love for each being and object will come up inside.
  • Your soul will join with each being and look at it with a divine perspective.
  • You’d start to see issues clearly and perceive sophisticated points extra quickly.
  • Kundalini awakening ensures that you simply’ll by no means lose management of issues or your self. It is possible for you to to raised management your feelings and convey concord to the mind-body-soul.
  • You’ll develop a spiritually improved persona and try to search out your solution to divinity.
  • The seven chakras get an limitless provide of vitality to revitalize the physique, thoughts, and soul.

Is kundalini awakening harmful?

Kundalini in itself is neither harmful nor unhealthy in any manner, it’s simply sturdy highly effective vitality within the physique that practitioner really feel in relation to its woke up state.

Kundalini awakening is claimed harmful in a manner when an individual isn’t absolutely ready to the expertise of this monumental vitality inside and but with out acceptable preparation, prompts it with unsuitable practices and intention. Generally that is additionally known as “Unintended Kundalini Awakening”. It’s the person’s apply and strategy that makes Kundalini harmful, not the vitality or strategy of awakening.

On the extent of delicate physique, a harmful kundalini awakening will be understood on account of obstructed or uncleaned Nadis system. Kundalini when involves awakening at all times purported to go upwards by way of the central vitality channel i.e. sushumna nadi however as a substitute of coming into into sushumna, it could be pressured into the ida- or the pingala-nadi, on both aspect of the central channel. It occurs when prana inside nadis aren’t flowing in steadiness, means your nadis aren’t absolutely purify but and kundalini by chance woke up.

How lengthy does it take to awaken the kundalini?

This query doesn’t actually have a transparent reply. Kundalini awakening shouldn’t be a time-dependent course of precisely, but it’s. One might expertise kundalini awakening immediately with out no-prior expertise, whereas for others it could take just a few days, months, years or typically even a life-time span. It relies upon rather a lot on the individual’s religious sadhana (of this or previous life).

After years of sustaining a religious apply, practising Kundalini yoga kriyas and different methods together with meditation, and pranayama, some folks expertise a Kundalini awakening. However it might probably additionally occur by itself, with none prior coaching.

Even should you soar for 10 minutes or play soccer, your Kundalini shall be activated to a sure extent. Individuals show a exceptional degree of energy when they’re utterly immersed in a recreation. It’s because rigorous motion prompts the Kundalini.

Don’t be involved about when your kundalini will awaken. You possibly can haven’t any inkling as to when this will likely happen. In reality, it’ll by no means disclose itself until the acutely aware thoughts is ready for the results of kundalini awakening.


Persistence is crucial on this journey as a result of it requires utmost religion within the Divine. Benefit from the journey of self-discovery and transformation. You should free your prana from its fixed give attention to considerations concerning the exterior actuality if you wish to activate your Kundalini. 

This can be a important shift that improves empathy, lets you make razor-sharp intuitive judgments, and provides you a level of confidence you’ve by no means had earlier than. All of those changes help you in not solely figuring out but additionally pursuing your true needs in life.



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