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The 411 on Lymphatic Therapeutic massage

Do you know we’ve got about 600 lymph nodes in our physique? Our lymphatic system does not have its personal pump, so we assist it out with exercises, good diet, hydration, and massages. We discuss so much about lymphatic massages with our purchasers at Joanna Vargas Spas, and needed to share the highest questions we get about it:


Q: What’s the lymphatic system and what does it do?

A: It is a community of vessels that carry a substance referred to as lymph via your physique and in direction of your coronary heart. Lymph clears out lymph nodes, and helps our our bodies take up fat and preserve the stability of fluids in our blood and tissues.

Q: Why is it necessary to maintain wholesome?

A: Take into consideration the way you look whenever you’re sick or hungover, or have eaten an excessive amount of sugary meals. You look puffy and washed out, like your physique is not in stability. That is as a result of your lymphatic system is not successfully draining tissues correctly. Impaired lymphatic techniques additionally result in breakouts as a consequence of clogged pores, blackheads, and oilier pores and skin.

Q: How does lymphatic therapeutic massage assist my pores and skin?

A: Lymphatic therapeutic massage will encourage wholesome motion of your lymphs within the space you goal, leading to helpful pores and skin results. The highest pores and skin advantages are lowered puffiness, eradicated darkish circles, much less breakouts, and fewer water retention.


Maintain your system flowing and functioning on the highest stage with BALLANCER PRO, a hands-free lymphatic therapeutic massage go well with. This FDA authorized expertise improves wellness, reduces water weight and speeds restoration time of your hardest exercise. Seen outcomes embrace a slimming impact as much as 2 clothes sizes.
Select from higher physique, decrease physique, or each. Every session is in a personal spa room – convey a guide or get pleasure from a second of solo meditation throughout your remedy.

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