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Our All NEW Watermelon + Cucumber Trio Is The New Skincare Should-Have – 100% PURE


Meet our NEW Watermelon + Cucumber Skincare Trio. Powered by the brand new energy couple of fresh skincare components – polyglutamic acid from natto beans and hyaluronic acid from candy potatoes – our new water locking serum, moisturizer, and mist combines watermelon hydrosol and cucumber hydrosol to assist restore, soothe, and funky pores and skin whereas additionally locking in moisture for hydration that lasts.

Our Watermelon + Cucumber Trio is totally vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and non-toxic as a result of our Co-Founder, Susie Wang, and her crew of PhD scientists are dedicated to sourcing solely the purest, non-synthetic components. The bottom for our water locking moisturizer is natural aloe vera juice, and the bottom for our serum and mist consists of watermelon hydrosol and cucumber hydrosol. Additionally together with polyglutamic acid to visibly cut back traces and wrinkles, hyaluronic acid to enhance moisture retention, Irish moss extract, and olive squalene to restore and nourish dry pores and skin, the soothing components on this skincare trio will depart your pores and skin feeling moisturized and nourished with out feeling greasy.

This intensely hydrating skincare trio smells like contemporary watermelon and cucumber infused water on a heat summer season day. Right here’s a rundown of the important thing components powering the trio and every of its distinctive merchandise.

All three merchandise in our Watermelon + Cucumber Skincare Trio include:

Polyglutamic Acid

Polyglutamic acid is a humectant skincare ingredient. A humectant is designed to deal with pores and skin hydration by not solely preserving the present moisture within the pores and skin and diminishing escaping moisture, but in addition by drawing moisture from the setting to maintain the pores and skin hydrated longer.

One of the vital fashionable humectants utilized in clear skincare is hyaluronic acid, and polyglutamic acid is proven to be a barely superior different. Polyglutamic acid restores pores and skin elasticity, and visibly reduces traces and wrinkles. Derived from natto beans (a kind of fermented soybean), this highly-beneficial, cruelty-free ingredient situations, moisturizes, smooths, and soothes pores and skin whereas serving to to lock in moisture to attain lasting hydration.

Polyglutamic acid is likely one of the handiest humectants on the market, and it has grow to be an important a part of many skincare routines. The primary purpose polyglutamic acid makes such a distinction with skincare is the textural restore we are able to obtain with this ingredient. Like we talked about earlier than, one of many fundamental advantages of polyglutamic acid comes from diminishing pores and skin texture, like the looks of pores and wonderful traces. Polyglutamic acid helps to blur away that texture and restore elasticity for smoother, extra supple and juicy, bouncy pores and skin.

Lastly, and actually, probably the most important differentiator between polyglutamic acid and different humectants, is that whereas one other pores and skin hydration choice like hyaluronic acid is efficient, it’s already native to the pores and skin and pores and skin cell construction. Naturally occurring within the physique, it’s utilized in skincare from a supplementary standpoint, however once we add polyglutamic acid to our skincare routine, we’re giving our pores and skin a profit that it wouldn’t have entry to naturally. As a result of it’s bought a larger capability for hydration than HA (which is already fairly excessive), it merely takes first place.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one other humectant that’s an unbelievable moisture booster for the pores and skin. Sourced from candy potatoes, our hyaluronic acid just isn’t solely moisturizing, but in addition helps to protect current moisture and attract further moisture. All this whereas bettering our pores and skin’s tone, texture, and readability, supporting collagen and elasticity, and fortifying our pores and skin’s moisture barrier as nicely.

Including this fashionable humectant to your skincare routine is a should particularly if you wish to enhance your pores and skin texture and pores and skin tone and soothe pores and skin irritation. Paired with the superior polyglutamic acid your pores and skin is in for lengthy lasting hydration and a glow that everybody can be jealous of!

Watermelon Hydrosol

Hydrosols are the fragrant water remaining after an important oil is distilled by steam. They include micro-molecules of important oils and strengthen the floor immunity of pores and skin. Hydrosols are a gentler model of important oils — with a better water content material, and are excellent for delicate pores and skin. Amongst its many makes use of we’ve integrated Watermelon Hydrosol, a product of the steam distillation of Watermelon fruit, into this skincare trio because of its emollient and moisturizing motion and its antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Watermelon hydrosol just isn’t solely soothing for the pores and skin however can also be wealthy with lycopene to revive solar injury and intensely hydrating to advertise cell regeneration.

Cucumber Hydrosol

Since cucumber is especially made up of water it is a perfect plant for hydrosol distillation. Our fragrant Cucumber Hydrosol delivers a contemporary and soothing burst of hydration to nourish and situation pores and skin whereas cooling pores and skin to cut back irritation.

Cucumber naturally has conditioning properties assured to cut back extreme oil in your pores and skin, alleviate sunburn to disclose glowing pores and skin and cut back wonderful traces for a flawless complexion.

How To Use the Trio


Step 1: Hydrate Your Pores and skin with Watermelon + Cucumber Water Locking Serum

Gently press the Watermelon Cucumber Water Locking Serum into damp pores and skin and permit it to completely take up.

Our intensely hydrating hydrogel serum locks in watermelon hydrosol to revitalize dehydrated pores and skin cells with pores and skin plumping polyglutamic acid from fermented natto beans and moisture retaining hyaluronic acid – and likewise accommodates:

Distinctive Ingredient
Rice Ceramide

Phytoceramides are plant-based ceramides, usually created from candy potatoes, rice bran and wheat, and may nonetheless be fully gluten-free. Ceramides are lipids (fat) which might be discovered naturally in excessive concentrations within the uppermost layers of pores and skin.

Plant-based ceramides assist restore your pores and skin’s protecting barrier perform by reinforcing its lipid content material. This permits for higher hydration and safety in opposition to environmental stressors like UV rays and different potential irritants. Additionally they assist preserve the suitable stability of lipids in your pores and skin, which helps cut back the looks of wonderful traces and wrinkles.

Rice ceramide helps soothe redness-prone or compromised pores and skin with its anti-inflammatory properties whereas additionally bettering its total look with moisturizing advantages and a discount in wonderful traces and wrinkles.


Step 2: Soften and Nourish with Watermelon + Cucumber Water Locking Moisturizer

Apply 1 / 4 sized quantity of the Watermelon Cucumber Water Locking Moisturizer to the face and neck. Gently therapeutic massage and press into pores and skin, taking care to not pull or tug.

Our hydrating moisturizer locks in watermelon hydrosol and polyglutamic acid to naturally restore pores and skin elasticity, promote cell regeneration and cut back indicators of growing older – and likewise accommodates:

Distinctive Components
Irish Moss Extract

Irish Moss is a kind of purple algae that has many advantages for the pores and skin. It moisturizes, softens, and smooths pores and skin; it soothes irritated pores and skin; it could possibly assist cut back transepidermal water loss (TEWL); and sea moss-based merchandise can even assist defend and supply protein on your pores and skin.

Irish Moss Extract types a protecting layer that helps lock in moisture. This makes it an excellent higher humectant than hyaluronic acid when used topically. Moreover, Irish Moss Extract has particular moisturizing properties and accommodates excessive quantities of polysaccharides (also referred to as carrageenans), which is a thickening agent that types a protective-yet-breathable movie over the pores and skin.

Sea moss-based merchandise can even assist cut back transepidermal water loss (TEWL) which refers to water that rises up out of your dermis, via your dermis, and evaporates into the air. Lowering TEWL helps hold your pores and skin plump and moist—making Irish Moss Extract an efficient anti-aging ingredient!

Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium hyaluronate is a salt that is derived from hyaluronic acid, and it has an extremely hydrating impact in your pores and skin.

As a humectant, sodium hyaluronate pulls in water from the air and helps to retain moisture to maintain your pores and skin hydrated and flake-free, whereas additionally serving to to revive and preserve a wholesome barrier to stop transepidermal water loss (TEWL), which might result in inflammatory situations.

Sodium hyaluronate additionally works to exchange misplaced moisture and hyaluronic acid naturally discovered within the pores and skin that lessens with age. This added hydration helps to additional clean pores and skin texture and visibly cut back wonderful traces and wrinkles.


Step 3: Lock In The Moisture with Watermelon + Cucumber Water Locking Mist

Spray the Watermelon Cucumber Water Locking Mist onto freshly cleansed pores and skin for an immediate hydration increase. Can be used all through the day to quench dry pores and skin.

Our extremely hydrating water mist naturally reinvigorates dehydrated pores and skin cells and reduces indicators of growing older by locking in cactus juice, watermelon hydrosol, and hyaluronic acid – and accommodates:

Distinctive Ingredient
Olive Squalene

Olive squalene is a cruelty-free, plant-based different to squalene harvested from sharks.

Squalene is a naturally occurring antioxidant compound that’s present in various quantities in each animal and plant sources. It’s categorised as a triterpene hydrocarbon (extremely unsaturated), and is a pure lipid that could be a main intermediate within the biosynthesis of ldl cholesterol within the liver.

In nature, the very best ranges of squalene could be discovered amongst olives, sharks, liver oil, wheat germ and rice bran. The primary animal supply of squalene is sourced from sure deep-sea shark varieties.

Olive Squalene may also help restore dry, tough pores and skin by moisturizing and softening it whereas additionally soothing redness or irritation brought on by delicate pores and skin. It leaves you with a moisturized but non-greasy really feel – excellent for on a regular basis use!

Attempt our extremely hydrating, lengthy lasting Watermelon + Cucumber Skincare Trio to plump, reduces indicators of growing older, and lock in moisture like by no means earlier than via the mixed energy of polyglutamic acid, hyaluronic acid, watermelon hydrosol, and cucumber hydrosol.



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