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Emphasizing Higher Physique (and Giving Ankles a Break) – BionicOldGuy

My ankles have been sore recently, hopefully simply an overuse harm. I had been mountain climbing so much so I reduce on that, however I’ve nonetheless been doing high-volume biking, like greater than two hours per day. So I’ve determined to offer my ankles a breather by sticking to shorter rides. This offers me time to bump up my higher physique coaching a bit, which I attempted right this moment. It was an pleasurable and difficult exercise with a number of stations of dumbbells or resistance bands. I do a mix of isometric and traditional power coaching with heavier resistance, and likewise strength-endurance coaching (greater reps with much less resistance).

I noticed my Doc yesterday as a result of I’ve a bump on considered one of my knees. Not painful, however it didn’t go away after a couple of month. So she’s sending me to get it x-rayed and an MRI. I additionally informed her in regards to the ankles, and he or she additionally considered overuse harm or potential arthritis, so she’s sending me to get the ankles x-rayed additionally. She additionally thought bodily remedy may assist if giving them some relaxation doesn’t do the trick.



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