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Which is Higher Hand Place for Meditation, Palms up or Down?

Meditation typically includes utilizing your arms to type particular gestures. These hand gestures or often known as “mudras” are a catalyst to open vitality channels and produce them on the fitting path.

Together with mudras, you may need observed that yogis hold their arms in a specific place – palms going through up or palms going through down. You may need additionally heard an instruction out of your trainer to put your arms in your thighs with palms going through upwards or place them in your knees with palms going through downwards.

Have you ever ever questioned concerning the significance of palms’ hand positions in meditation?

When is it okay to maintain your palms up or down?

Which particular mudras needs to be practised with palms going through up and which one needs to be palms going through down?

These are a few of the vital questions we are going to look into on this article. Allow us to see how the hand place helps you improve your meditation follow.

Significance of hand place in meditation

Most frequently than not, you retain your hand in your knees or thighs with palms going through up. However on some events, conserving your arms with palms down is suggested. Beneath is described significance of each kinds of hand positions;

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Palms Going through Up

Whenever you place your palms going through up in meditation, you’re basically surrendering to the divine. You might be permitting the cosmos to fill you in with the vitality and data that you simply look for true consciousness. Palms up additionally signifies your humbleness and gratitude to the upper realms. It’s a strategy to enable love and kindness into your soul whereas additionally spreading this sense to the world.

Bodily, the palms up hand place in meditation assist open your shoulders and chest. So it principally lengthens your respiratory; each inhale and exhale.

Whenever you flip your arms to face your palms upwards, your shoulder rotates outwards. This prompts the opening of the chest which additional results in higher respiratory. It additionally encourages you to sit down straight and tall and boosts blood circulation all through the physique. 

Sitting straight in meditation additionally enhances the graceful movement of vitality by means of the chakras, which can enhance your bodily, psychological and non secular physique.

In meditation, opening the arms creates a state of openness that improves listening by bringing the physique and thoughts right into a relaxed state.

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Palms Going through Down

Once we face our palms downwards, we’re basically grounding ourselves throughout meditation; for instance, to domesticate deal with root chakra meditation. Our fingers are pointed in direction of the earth which takes in any extra vitality we’ve got saved in our physique. It helps in eradicating any anxious ideas and helps calm our overactive minds. 

Meditating with our palms going through downwards encourages us to look inwards and produce consciousness to our inner self.

When it comes to bodily postures, your shoulders rotate inwards if you hold your palms down. You’ll observe a slight slouch in your posture with the shoulders hunched and chest shifting inwards. 

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Which mudra is related to every place?

Sometimes talking, any mudra might be carried out with palms going through up or down. All of it boils all the way down to your intention, your temper, and your want.

Though virtually all mudras are carried out with palms going through upwards, some mudras typically use the palms down method.

Chin Mudra

One mudra which is often practised with palms going through downwards is Chin Mudra.

Chin mudra is variation of Gyan Mudra, often known as mudra of information and knowledge, is normally carried out by becoming a member of the information of the index finger and thumb. Practitioners hold this hand formation on their knees and switch their palms downwards.

Adi Mudra

Adi mudra. Picture: Fitsri

One other mudra that’s typically carried out with palms going through down is Adi Mudra. Adi mudra is carried out by wrapping the thumb with all of the fingers of the hand such that the thumb lies on the base of all fingers. Whenever you follow this mudra with palms going through down, you’re basically selling a peaceful thoughts and curbing anxious ideas.

Bhumisparsha Mudra

bhumisparsha mudra
Supply: canva

There may be yet one more mudra the place the palm faces downwards, regardless that it’s only one hand, which is the bhumisparsha mudra. Right here, one hand is stored on the lap with the palm going through up whereas the opposite is positioned on the knee, palms going through down. The fingers of the palm down hand ought to contact the bottom. 

It’s mentioned that this gesture was adopted by buddha throughout his meditation below the bodhi tree. He adopted this gesture to indicate that the earth is the witness of his willpower and loyalty in direction of his follow when a demon got here to disrupt his meditation.

Thus, this hand formation is practised when you must obtain a purpose and improve your willpower.

When do undertake palms up or palms down hand place in meditation? 

There isn’t any proper or flawed approach of conserving your arms in a specific place. As beforehand acknowledged, all of it is determined by your intention and present temper.

Earlier than you carry out a mudra, it’s best to first look inside to see what your physique goes by means of.

Is your thoughts calm or overactive?

Are you feeling exhausted?

Has the day ruined your temper or do you’re feeling vigorous?

Primarily based in your solutions to questions just like the above, you’ll be able to decide whether or not your palms ought to face upwards or downwards.

In case your thoughts is anxious, is engaged on overdrive, or is extraordinarily chaotic, you would possibly need to launch some vitality by putting your palms down. Whenever you want a way of safety and security, use an acceptable mudra and hold your arms in your knees with palms all the way down to floor your self.

Quite the opposite, when you really feel content material or need to present gratitude to the universe, share this sense of affection and kindness with the world by conserving your palms going through upwards. And every time you feel low, unhappy, or depressed, going through your palms upwards will will let you obtain the identical love and kindness in return.

It should additionally encourage you to achieve some optimistic vitality out of your environment whereas absorbing a wealth of information the divine has to supply.



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